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In the process of development, Longteng is united to find a reliable and reliable PCBA customized service provider.……

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HK Longteng Electronic Technology co.,LTD is a professional PCB assembly processing plant, whith 10 years of PCB assembly processing experience. can provide PCBA. OEM, PCB production, components procurement, path plug-in welding, assembly testing and other one-stop services Our major is PCBA, but we could do it more.We have 6 years of PCB assembly experience. The factory is located in Baoan district, Shenzhen. Our factory have more experience for many kinds of high-technic PCB assembly with our major that is sample and middle and large batch board assembled. We are a normal company with ISO9001:2000 certification, with covering 4000 s.q.m. area and 300 employees.

Our pcb assembly facilities include five advanced SMT lines. And we have X-RAY,AOI , we can deal with all kinds of integrated circuits such as SOP , QFN and BGA. we can provide 0201 chip placement through-hole components assembly and finished products fabrication. Applications cover power supply, telecom,fiber optics, industrial control, Auto, consumer electronics Most of the products are mainly distributed to the market of Europe and America. Due to our professional manufacture technology, stable product quality and precise measure equipment,our company has enjoyed good reputation in the same industry both at home and abroad. We have concentrated on the product quality development and do our best to upgrade the technology leveland manufacture ability in the PCBA field.

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